The Bold Concept
The Bold Concept
by Jocelyn Yih



My name is Jocelyn Yih.

Jocelyn Yih is a writer, photographer and creative based in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Currently completing his Bachelor of Laws in the United Kingdom, Jocelyn found The Bold Concept in 2012 as a Tumblr outlet to collect his digital inspirations. Since then, he has extended his creativity by growing his digital brand through the world of photography, journalism and social media with the launch of this website in June 2014. 

Jocelyn and his work has been featured in titles such as, Prestige, Noctis, SUBCULTURED and HUF Magazine. In combining multiple interests onto one platform, the variety of content can range from a collection of favourable experiences to the latest happenings of the industry. The Bold Concept ultimately has a collective aim to educate its readers by delivering messages in an informative yet grounded voice. 



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