It's My Birthday

Or at least it was last Friday. Let's pretend that doesn't matter and that the 'birthday boy gets to do whatever he wants' rule is still valid. It's strange that I haven't spent my birthday in Hong Kong since I was 10yrs old (studying abroad has its sacrifices). And so, in order to make it more special, I decided to visit a few special spots. Finally made it to Sevva for lunch where I tried a few signature dishes and even tried the famous Marie Antoinette cake. The cake was a pistachio cream chiffon cake made with rose petals, raspberries, mango & mocha macarons topped with a huge candy floss. After a very filling lunch, I really wanted to go for a walk around the Kowloon harbourfront but it started pouring so I decided to walk about Central and Elements to shop for something special for my birthday. I've always been a fan of Givenchy and their t-shirts but never actually got a formal long-sleeved shirt. A thing I always do after looking out for inspiration whether on tumblr, street-style, shopping (anywhere and anything really), I try to picture these clothes on myself and piece them together in my head to what I think would look good. Somehow I had this image of this Givenchy white stars & stripes t-shirt, which I previously saw from browsing around the web, and thought it'd look great with a black jacket/ suit. And it worked. The shirt comes in two different colours (black and white) but I settled for white in the end as I thought all-black is too much for this outfit. I'm not one for buttoning up shirts right to the top button, purely because I think it looks plain awkward on me and I feel as if I'm paying to strangle myself, but this worked for me and I decided to buy a size up for the oversized fit and for comfort (they didn't have any sizes smaller anyways). Probably one of the most expensive white shirts I've ever bought. But it's a classic so it's worth it.

Flower displays at Sevva

Marie Antoinette Cake





Appetizer - 'Seafood Tiramisu"

Main - 'Conchiglioni pasta stuffed with black truffle and ricotta 
pork ragout, liquid garlic and salad gem'



:: Outfit details ::

Shirt - Givenchy

Jacket - Tailor-Made

Trousers - Topman

Shoes - Christian Louboutin (similar here)


To be continued…#tbc

Graffiti x Teakha

If consuming anything green tea related is illegal, then I plead guilty. And same goes to the act of scouting for a top that has your birth year on it. In fact, this post would be living proof of both acts. I've been looking for a baseball tee for a while now, and it was a no-brainer for me to purchase this top purely because it reminds me what year I was born in (the champion bit is a plus side too). Does anyone actually buy tops that have random numbers on it? Because I'd feel insanely guilty for lying about my age after getting repeatedly questioned 'what this number on my tee actually means'. Bit late to the trend since I've been trying to eat healthy (which is evidently not working out), but I've finally had the chance to visit the much-talked-about Teakha. It's a very picturesque café and if you go, I definitely recommend the 'Thai Iced Tea'. Before I complain about how green tea latte wasn't on the menu, let me introduce you to the awesome food blogger and new foodie friend, The Laughing Shooter (a.k.a Tania). We explored the area, found this path that was filled with graffiti and conducted a mini-90%-tripod-photoshoot. A good attempt but HK is far too hot and most of the pictures ended up out of focus. We've recently attended several events together so look out for more pictures!

The famous 'Green Tea Cheesecake'

:: Outfit details ::

Top - Topman

Shorts - HK

Shoes - Nike


To be continued…#tbc

Galeries Lafayette Fashion Show

If I had to compare department stores between Paris and London, I'd say that Galeries Lafayette would be the Harrods of Paris. It's always disappointing to walk into a big department store only to find out that the menswear section is in the basement; but this is not the case for the Paris flagship at Boulevard Haussmann which is so big that it has a separate building for menswear (which probably is the reason why I didn't have time to visit Sacré Cœur). The department is stretched over 3 levels, carrying luxury brands from the likes of Prada, Burberry Prorsum and Dior Homme to casual, younger brands like Zadig & Voltaire and Sandro. If you don't have enough time to walk around Rue Saint-Honoré then Galeries Lafayette is your best bet in terms of efficiency. The flagship even holds a weekly free fashion show every Friday for visitors which I definitely recommend if you are interested and around the area. The show focused on several trends including denim, festival clothing, orange and 'jardin boutique'. Think printed bodycon dresses, lace short-shorts and pairing these with bolder colours like orange and coral blue. Special thanks to Indre who made my trip extra special by reserving the Mont-Blancs from Angelina (they were sold out the day before!). The team really try their best to go the extra step and, if you have enough time and are looking for VIP treatment, they even offer personalized services for style consultation and you can make an appointment here for their made-to-measure services. 

The famous Lafayette dome and balconies 

Gifts from the Galeries Lafyette team

Gifts from the Galeries Lafyette team

Angelina Mont-Blancs

Angelina Cafe on the 1st floor of Lafayette Dome

Galeries Lafayette Rooftop

Happy weekend everyone!


To be continued…#tbc


'The New Space Created For Custom Creations'

There is more to fashion week than runway shows. Back in Haute Couture week in July, I was invited to the pre-opening of the bespoke House of Soubis. The maison displayed a large range of handmade creations in fashion, accessories and lifestyle. Think made-to-measure parapluies (a.k.a umbrellas in English) in classical and contemporary styles; Headpieces and fedoras that are exclusive limited editions; Handmade technology cases made of premium exotic leathers like lizard, ostrich, alligator and stingray! Everything is tailored exactly to your needs. What makes Soubis even more interesting is that the concept gathers designers from everywhere. And by everywhere I mean they choose designers who are working at top fashion houses from all over the world. I've been told that there was an umbrella designer from Hermes who never got the chance to showcase his own umbrella collection as he always made them in the design of Hermes. This platform allowed him to create umbrellas in his own unique style and artisans who specialise in different parts of fashion to gather from all over the world. Since the beginning of September, the House of Soubis will be open to the public so, if you happen to be looking for something extra unique around Paris, go check out this new concept right next to Saint-Honore.

Fun headpieces by Paname

For more, go visit their website!


To be continued…#tbc