Acne Studios First Eyewear Collection

I’ve been checking up on Acne Studios’ website for eyewear since its mysterious disappearance about a year or two ago. It’s been a strange gap, both in the market and physically on the website, since eyewear is often a cheaper option compared to apparel and the chances of us wearing (should we be fortunate enough to live in a place where the sun shines, cough cough, not UK) would be higher, meaning better cost per wear ratio, more consumers.

Acne Studios focused their first complete eyewear collection around colour and shape. And they debuted the collection at the Fall/Winter 2015 Men’s Presentation in January and at the more recent Fall/Winter 2015 Women’s Show in March All styles are unisex and handmade in France. Before I let you drool over the press images, let’s learn some names.

  1. Spitfire: comes in large and small, inspired by the classic pilot’s aviators

  2. Mustang: iconic, oval-shaped, less manly and more tame than it sounds

  3. Library: new, oversized version of the Frames

  4. Sigmund: classic, round, fun

  5. Frame: signatures updated with new colours

  6. Mask: comes in original and junior sizes, futuristic

I’ve drawn on my role models in music as inspiration and reference - it’s up to the customer to guess who
— Jonny Johansson, Creative Director

Learn more on the eyewear collection on Acne Studio's website here.

[All pictures provided with permission by Acne Studios]

To be continued…#tbc

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