MMM kicks

For women, I'd say that the wardrobe staple item would be a pair of black pumps. Some would say a little black dress.

For men, a well-fitted white oxford shirt. But for the fashion forward, it'd be a pair of clean, white kicks.

Having worn these for just about two years, I don't think you'd believe how little effort it took me to keep them this white (no sarcasm intended). These shoes are from the h&m x Maison Martin Margiela (MMM) collaboration two years ago. Now that we're on the subject of MMM, 2 B-I-G things are happening in the world of fashion. First, there is only a week and a bit until #ALEXANDERWANGxHM launches (6th of November). Second, MMM has recently announced that John Galliano has been appointed the new creative director of the brand. For those of you who didn't know beforehand, Galliano was Dior's legendary creative director until 3 years ago when an unfortunate racism scandal occurred. It's sad because he's been off the radar for a few years because of this incident. But now I am, and I'm sure many are, excited for his return and cannot wait to see what new direction he'll bring to MMM. 

And for the outfit, I'm wearing my Summer 'guardian' (a.k.a black leather shorts) and this is probably the second last time you'll see them until next Summer). Had this top since the beginning of Summer but it's proven itself less practical than what I hoped for. Maybe fashion week sometime somewhere in the future (noted). Also reminiscing about 30+ degrees days and fear of sweating through white vests. Pretty certain I carried at least 2 liters of water with me that day.

Photos by Bryant from Bryant Lives

:: Outfit details ::

Top - HK

Shorts - HK

Shoes - MMM x h&m

Accessories - Topman


To be continued…#tbc

#JustCantDo … without a bomber jacket

Topman. I love you. Don't think it's been a secret but it's been a good 8 years since I got to know you...


I #JustCantDo without my Topman bomber jacket. Bought on the 1st, I can officially say that it is my best purchase this month. It's warm and easy-going (okay I'm gonna stop this relationship BS metaphor now). Never had the time to invest in a bomber jacket only because, on my mind, they were overpriced, uncomfortable 'sporty' looking things. But I was so wrong. They're well-insulated, the perfect windbreaker to complete an all-black look and definitely climbing up the ladder fast to become (or have already become) another men's staple wardrobe item. Think of the bomber as the elegant, less all-american sister of the varsity jacket. And if you're wondering why I'm wearing so much black and white, it has unintentionally become my uniform now only because I save time when sorting out my black or white laundry. Topman really has been kind this season. I'm always on the lookout every Winter and have never seen them make coats so well before. If you happen to live in the colder parts of the world, go check out their 'Just Can't Do Without You' coat campaign here. The bomber jackets also come in different fits and materials (longer length/ neoprene/ mesh/ leather look) . Mine is 100% polyester but I'm telling you, it's 100% wearable. Scroll down to see pictures of me stretching, tip-toeing and taking a rest in a picture perfect alleyway - all as a result of some hectic shopping at Oxford Street.


:: Outfit details (me)::

Jacket - Topman (exact)

Snapback - Topman (similar here)


To be continued…#tbc 

Alexander Wang x h&m

Nylon, mesh and leather - 3 main ingredients used to put together this collection. It's mostly black, sporty and makes the perfect city street style attire. WANG is everywhere: jumpers, sunglasses, hoodies and, my favourite of all, beanies. 


After the 6-month wait (and teasing), it's here. Having felt the pieces in-store, I have to say I was impressed. They look even better in real life than online and the quality of these h&m collaborations are always beyond expectation; always succeed in offering clothing at a price that doesn't break the wallet and, at the same time, retaining the designer's character. The technical outerwear pieces for both sexes included water-repellent, quick-to-dry wind breakers. For women, think black, seamless parks with moulded baseball cap style hoods/ quilted leather puffers/ motorcycle jackets. For men, black hooded scuba motorcycle jackets/ 3D-printed jumpers/ thick coats with interior gilet and baseball cap style hoods. Wang even incorporated athletic performance wear like crop tops, black leather track pants and knitted sports leggings. 


If you match with the accessories, you're sorted for sportswear. They're pieces you want to be seen in when going/ leaving the gym (does a black leather backpack sound good to anyone?). It's stylish enough to look like you've put in that extra effort yet practical. And I think that's exactly what Wang's audience desire. People who are fashion forward, over the fact that 'tracksuits are only for home' and don't take in the idea that 'paying 100 bucks for a t-shirt is ridiculous'. My favourite part of the collection are the objects; Wang designed a few unique ones to represent his lifestyle and humour: yoga mats with the AW print, goggles and even boxing gloves. For the objects from his main collection, go on his website!


Mark down November 6th on your diaries, people. If queuing up isn't your thing, then I suggest you try your luck online. I know I'll be awake at 9AM that Thursday morning.


Appliquéd leather baseball shirt 

I live in gym clothes. When you go out on the street, it’s the uniform now.
— Alexander Wang

Caught selfie-ing (wasn't able to contain my excitement)

Women's collection

Hybrid black scuba sneaker with logo stamped reflective zips

The objects of the collection

Boxing gloves

Leather backpack

I don’t do sports but I wear sportswear
— Alexander Wang

Think I share a similar thought with Mr. Wang but I'd take up boxing just for those gloves. 


To be continued…#tbc 



[uh-sahy-luh m] 


1. (especially formerly) an institution for the maintenance and care of the mentally ill, orphans, or other persons requiring specialized assistance.

("asylum",,  16th October)


If only I visited an asylum, would I have been able to take better pictures. But even if I have done so, it would only be better by the slightest, tiniest margin. Depicting probably the happiest patient you will ever find in an asylum; only because I am wearing creations by Givenchy and Alexander Wang. Christy and I wanted to do something more adventurous, freakish and futuristic. And since I am attempting to be fashionably up-to-date, I think I can now safely qualify this category since I have received the best birthday present (yet) - a pair of Dior Homme sunglasses from the SS15 show in June. Not only are they the most beautiful (trust me, there really are no other words to describe them) and, the highest quality pair of shades I have ever owned; since they are from the SS15 collection, they won't be released in stores until January 2015. And let me talk you through the pictures. Lip-stretching, face-tearing, back yoga would be a few ways to describe the things that were on my head at that time. Also incorporating a bit of jumping which is most likely to be a result of my fidgeting due to my cowardice of making the pictures look (too) S&M-ish. I don't usually encourage colour but I'm starting to appreciate the trend of mixing different colour palettes. The Maison Martin Margiela x h&m 'mould effect' boots featured here are probably the most versatile item I own this Fall (after my black trousers). Does versatility go hand-in-hand with the number of times you wear an item? Because I've worn these boots so many times that you can consider them as a replacement for my black leather shorts (for now). Hope you love the pictures as much as I do.


Thank you HUF Magazine for the feature and, again, a big thank you to the very talented Christy Wong from CHEwwSDAY.

:: Outfit details (Colour)::

Top - Nicky Koo

Trousers - Zara

Shoes- Maison Martin Margiela x h&m (similar here)

Rings - Topman/ Forever 21


:: Outfit details (Black)::

Top - Givenchy

Sunglasses - Dior Homme


:: Outfit details (White)::

Top - T by Alexander Wang

Trousers - Zara

Shoes - Maison Martin Margiela x h&m


:: Outfit details (Leather)::

Top - Zara


To be continued…#tbc