Dior Homme Rue François Store Opening

I’ll meet you at the men’s store.

There was once a saying that 'chance is inevitable, chance is constant'. That is to say for better or for worse... and there comes a time for store renovation. I can go on, forever and forever, about the struggle of basement shopping and going to the ends of the store just to find the menswear section. Menswear is ever-growing, now more than ever, which means more demand, more supply, and if all goes well, more stores; and even a plain sight of acknowledging that a menswear standalone store exists - makes me happy. 

Stretched over two floors, there's more space which allows us more clarity. The thought of men shopping for themselves is often neglected - it's just how men are generally recognised and we're naturally less comfortable when walking into a large flagship. It's intimidating and the act of ambushing a sales is, we have to admit, a process. 

Forget the word shopping and take it from the top. If both sexes shopped at separate stores, wouldn't it make more sense? We talk differently, think differently, so why wouldn't we shop differently? Sales assistants need to communicate and sell their customers in a way that doesn't scare away them, so menswear standalone stores will make a difference. By using a colour palette of Dior gray, white and black, everything is more clean-cut. Men shoppers tend to like it all set up, in front of them, with clarity. 

The store has opened in the beginning of the month, and its practically neighbours with the Avenue Montaigne flagship. So say goodbye to shopping at the men's 'section'. Fellow gentlemen, welcome to a new shopping experience.

To be continued... #tbc

Park Hyatt Beijing

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