Karen Millen F/W 2014 Fashion Show

Since the death of the old HMV store in Central, I haven't visited this space for a while. It's weird how only a few years ago, aisles and aisles of CDs, DVDs (and let's not forget about VCDs) would fill up the place; and now it's all converted to a large atrium of eight international fashion brands. So if you're thinking upmarket pieces but not crazy luxury, then this place is perfect. When people ask me what Central Central is, I simply say it's the older sister of Lab Concept. They stock brands including Nine West, Steve Madden and Betsey Johnson. And for this season, Karen Millen has more colour than I expected. I think the Karen Millen 'woman' is in her 30s and her wardrobe is divided between things she wears to the office and things to wear over the weekend. So for the weekdays, she'd wear formal above-the-knee length dresses with subtle prints; mostly in monochrome because she wants to keep her outfits neat and tidy. But over the weekends, she'd pick the more colourful pieces like printed coats to walk around the city; maybe even a red leather jacket for a night out. Since it is fall/winter, she'd compliment  the outfits with black leather boots. Then in the evening, she'd hop onto the plane to New York for a business trip with her knitted jumper and black leather backpack. And she'll never leave her hotel for a night out without her 'glitter box clutch'. She might not be sophisticated, but definitely sensible and dresses right for every occasion. Special thanks to the HK Karen Millen team, HK photo box, and Venus for inviting me to the show and gifts. Click on the description box below every picture for more details. What's your favourite look?

Black leather boots with golden buckle

Coat: Masculine double breasted coat (seen on INSTYLE)

Coat: Masculine double breasted coat (seen on INSTYLE)

Knitwear: Tweed tunic

Dress: Lace embroidery dress

Accessories: Glitter box clutch

*TBC's favourite formal look

Top: Graphic check jumper Skirt: Full pleated skirt Accessories: LTD Edition Perforated Backpack *TBC's favourite casual look

Top: Graphic check jumper

Skirt: Full pleated skirt

Accessories: LTD Edition Perforated Backpack

*TBC's favourite casual look

September Events

There are many perks to going to events. Free drinks, free food, free entertainment (have I mentioned meeting people yet?). Perhaps I am only impressed because 'party food' in my mind is still sausages and pineapples on a stick. Moving on, let's just say I've been lucky at these events. At Lane Crawford, it's a different level. Free flow Veuve Clicquot, photobooths, and waiters who would serve you fancy mini bites (does scallop sashimi served on a potato crisp topped with a thin slice of black truffle sound good?). Before I go on about the food, I'd like to thank Lane Crawford, Juice HK, Kevin Poon, Social Capital, Elephant Grounds, HKphotobox for inviting me and putting together these events. First up is Sacai "THE" Composition at Lane Crawford where I got to browse their new collection and meet the creative director of Sacai, Chitose Abe. Before Chitose launched the brand 15 years ago, she previously worked for Junya Wanatabe. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of her brand, she designed a capsule collection that included her favourite items from previous collections.


Each sacai piece balances polar opposites; masculine with feminine, technical fabrications with luxe finishes, formal with informal, creating perfect wardrobe essentials that continually reveal its intricacy to the wearer.
— Hypebeast

It didn't take long for me to get distracted by these green tea ice cream sandwiches. One of the waiters even funnily told me that he made them specially with 'less calories'. Read more about Chitose Abe's interview and browse the unique collection here.

Since I've been jumping between London and Hong Kong, I had to catch up on my knowledge on HK style trend setters. So it's no surprise that I haven't actually heard of Juice until this Summer. Originally found in 2003, where their first store opened at Causeway Bay, Juice has the aim to provide Hong Kong a store for people to buy official clothing from the likes of Jeremy Scott, HBA and HUF at market price. It grew from there and now Juice has become an international brand with stores in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Taipei. In Hong Kong alone, there is another store at TST and now in Sheung Wan; making a total of 3! They even had custom made bubbles at the store opening and Elephant Grounds ice cream sandwiches.

C for 'CLOT'

C for 'CLOT'

At Juice Sheung Wan opening

Edison Chen, co-founder of CLOT

And to finish off the evening, the last event was at Lane Crawford. It's a shame that LC decided not to organise a FNO (Vogue's Fashion Night Out) this year as I never had the chance to go in previous years. LC did do an invite-only exclusive shopper's evening where there were lots happening. I had a lot of fun making GIFs with Tania from The Laughing Shooter and sampling XTC gelato flavours. 

Sampling XTC gelato at Lane Crawford

To be continued…#tbc

It's My Birthday

Or at least it was last Friday. Let's pretend that doesn't matter and that the 'birthday boy gets to do whatever he wants' rule is still valid. It's strange that I haven't spent my birthday in Hong Kong since I was 10yrs old (studying abroad has its sacrifices). And so, in order to make it more special, I decided to visit a few special spots. Finally made it to Sevva for lunch where I tried a few signature dishes and even tried the famous Marie Antoinette cake. The cake was a pistachio cream chiffon cake made with rose petals, raspberries, mango & mocha macarons topped with a huge candy floss. After a very filling lunch, I really wanted to go for a walk around the Kowloon harbourfront but it started pouring so I decided to walk about Central and Elements to shop for something special for my birthday. I've always been a fan of Givenchy and their t-shirts but never actually got a formal long-sleeved shirt. A thing I always do after looking out for inspiration whether on tumblr, street-style, shopping (anywhere and anything really), I try to picture these clothes on myself and piece them together in my head to what I think would look good. Somehow I had this image of this Givenchy white stars & stripes t-shirt, which I previously saw from browsing around the web, and thought it'd look great with a black jacket/ suit. And it worked. The shirt comes in two different colours (black and white) but I settled for white in the end as I thought all-black is too much for this outfit. I'm not one for buttoning up shirts right to the top button, purely because I think it looks plain awkward on me and I feel as if I'm paying to strangle myself, but this worked for me and I decided to buy a size up for the oversized fit and for comfort (they didn't have any sizes smaller anyways). Probably one of the most expensive white shirts I've ever bought. But it's a classic so it's worth it.

Flower displays at Sevva

Marie Antoinette Cake





Appetizer - 'Seafood Tiramisu"

Main - 'Conchiglioni pasta stuffed with black truffle and ricotta 
pork ragout, liquid garlic and salad gem'



:: Outfit details ::

Shirt - Givenchy

Jacket - Tailor-Made

Trousers - Topman

Shoes - Christian Louboutin (similar here)


To be continued…#tbc

Graffiti x Teakha

If consuming anything green tea related is illegal, then I plead guilty. And same goes to the act of scouting for a top that has your birth year on it. In fact, this post would be living proof of both acts. I've been looking for a baseball tee for a while now, and it was a no-brainer for me to purchase this top purely because it reminds me what year I was born in (the champion bit is a plus side too). Does anyone actually buy tops that have random numbers on it? Because I'd feel insanely guilty for lying about my age after getting repeatedly questioned 'what this number on my tee actually means'. Bit late to the trend since I've been trying to eat healthy (which is evidently not working out), but I've finally had the chance to visit the much-talked-about Teakha. It's a very picturesque café and if you go, I definitely recommend the 'Thai Iced Tea'. Before I complain about how green tea latte wasn't on the menu, let me introduce you to the awesome food blogger and new foodie friend, The Laughing Shooter (a.k.a Tania). We explored the area, found this path that was filled with graffiti and conducted a mini-90%-tripod-photoshoot. A good attempt but HK is far too hot and most of the pictures ended up out of focus. We've recently attended several events together so look out for more pictures!

The famous 'Green Tea Cheesecake'

:: Outfit details ::

Top - Topman

Shorts - HK

Shoes - Nike


To be continued…#tbc