Dirty Polaroids

There's something about spending HKD$10 (ยฃ0.82) per polaroid because they don't lie: no airbrushing, no editing contrast nor brightness. It's the purity that counts. So much that the accidentally exposed polaroids even matched my shirt.

Currently in the mood for avant-garde (which happens approximately once every fortnight) and, thanks to the existence of the great internet, I've stumbled onto Kendall Jenner's Girl On Film for Dazed Magazine and woman with Swavorski prosthetic leg on Upworthy; which made me rethink what exactly is the definition of beauty? Before declaring I've had too much internet for the day, I also watched (and loved) the Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 show last week which I will do a review on soon. But for now, listen to this while you have a look at my pictures and maybe watch the video too.

(Polaroids taken from 'Asylum', my feature on Huf Magazine, shot by Christy from CHEwwSDAY

Threadbare Christmas Jumper Giveaway

'Tis the season of giving! It's finally December, meaning all those 'you-can't-listen-to-christmas-songs-all-year-round' people now have no right to complain about Christmas-song-fanatics like myself. Christmas jumpers are surprisingly hard to find unless you live next to a Christmas market or a Primark flagship (let alone the good ones). But since we now live in the 21st century, the fact that everything is online means there is no excuse not to be able to get one! Today happens to be Christmas Jumper Day, a campaign made by Save The Children which is an international charity that promotes children's rights and improve the welfare of children. Please get involved and donate anytime to this very meaningful cause here.

I'd love to see everyone's Christmas jumpers so please tweet/ instagram #xmasjumperday ! 

Also check out Threadbare's website for more novelty jumpers. Good luck!

Remember, remember, the end of November

Today marks the last day of November and, according to the great HKO, this is when temperatures begin to fall below 20 degrees celsius. Also the time when we, Hong Kongers, believe it is cold enough to wear wool coats (with nothing but a t-shirt inside?) and quilted jackets.

When I ordered this pair of trousers online, I was expecting them to be navy and white.  But somehow they turned out to be black and white. I've ordered a blue suit from Zara sometime this year and when I was all excited to open the package, it turned out to be navy. I guess it's clear to say that, nowadays, I have my doubts when it comes to online shopping...

I rarely wear weird-looking trousers as I never felt trousers deserved attention. It is difficult alone to wear patterned tops repeatedly for a week, let alone seeing the same people at lectures (I'd feel the fear of being tagged as 'the boy in the striped jumper'). The remedy is to wear black jeans and only black jeans. And so, to award this very much one-off occasion, it only seems fair to match them with a basic white top and smart sandro shoes. One of the few downsides of studying abroad is the fact that my wardrobe here is probably an eighth of my wardrobe in Hong Kong. I constantly regret not bringing that coat and, strangely enough, my Christmas jumper. But the upside is probably the fact that I manage to max out the price per wear ratio.

 I've also recently bought 6 turtlenecks from Topman due to my indecisiveness when it comes to online shopping. Sigh. But hey, you'll probably catch a smirk and a half due to my multiple failed attempts of Bryant's instruction 'to do a cover face'.

Photography credits to Bryant.

October/ November 2014

I'm positive that having been out and about London for 8 years make it difficult to qualify as a tourist, albeit the fact I enjoy looking like one by carrying my DSLR everywhere and I always get overexcited when I see a landmark. Here is a list of places I've been going over the two months; and the lack of posts this week can be explained with good excuses: cycling in Hyde Park, searching for the best Korean bibimbap, getting my quick fix at Topman Oxford Circus' Personal Shopping and attempting to eat breakfast like royals. I've also thrown away my ยฃ1  1-cup-76-pack Tetley tea as I have realized the importance of drinking high quality tea.

  1. Korean at St Giles High Street
  2. Paul Smith flagship floral street
  3. Charlotte Street
  4. Candy shop at covent garden
  5. Covent garden gelato
  6. Brasserie Zedel
  7. Royal Opera House
  8. Waterloo Bridge
  9. Kurt Geiger oxford street
  10. Diptyque Mayfair
  11. Selfridges (Men's)
  12. Acne Studios Dover Street
  13. Dover Street Market
  14. Selfridges gelato
  15. Pierre Hermes (Selfridges)
  16. The Delaunay
  17. h&m regent street
  18. Carnaby Street
  19. The Breakfast Club, Soho
  20. Supreme Store Soho
  21. Southbank
  22. Liberty London
  23. Harrods
  24. Korean Supermarket
  25. Snog truck (closed)
  26. Burberry flagship regent street
  27. Paul Smith Accessories Mayfair
  28. McQ Mayfair
  29. TIGER Supermarket
  30. Topman Personal Shopping, Oxford Circus 
  31. Claridges', Mayfair
  32. Covent Garden Market


To be continuedโ€ฆ#tbc