Jocelyn Yih

#JustCantDo … without a bomber jacket

Jocelyn Yih

Topman. I love you. Don't think it's been a secret but it's been a good 8 years since I got to know you...


I #JustCantDo without my Topman bomber jacket. Bought on the 1st, I can officially say that it is my best purchase this month. It's warm and easy-going (okay I'm gonna stop this relationship BS metaphor now). Never had the time to invest in a bomber jacket only because, on my mind, they were overpriced, uncomfortable 'sporty' looking things. But I was so wrong. They're well-insulated, the perfect windbreaker to complete an all-black look and definitely climbing up the ladder fast to become (or have already become) another men's staple wardrobe item. Think of the bomber as the elegant, less all-american sister of the varsity jacket. And if you're wondering why I'm wearing so much black and white, it has unintentionally become my uniform now only because I save time when sorting out my black or white laundry. Topman really has been kind this season. I'm always on the lookout every Winter and have never seen them make coats so well before. If you happen to live in the colder parts of the world, go check out their 'Just Can't Do Without You' coat campaign here. The bomber jackets also come in different fits and materials (longer length/ neoprene/ mesh/ leather look) . Mine is 100% polyester but I'm telling you, it's 100% wearable. Scroll down to see pictures of me stretching, tip-toeing and taking a rest in a picture perfect alleyway - all as a result of some hectic shopping at Oxford Street.


:: Outfit details (me)::

Jacket - Topman (exact)

Snapback - Topman (similar here)


To be continued…#tbc