Jocelyn Yih3/3rds

3/ 3rds

Jocelyn Yih3/3rds
3/ 3rds

I'm not really good at following trendy restaurants; only because the thought of queuing up in long lines is unappetizing enough and I get a natural itch to read the reviews before I believe it's worth a visit without disappointment. Speaking of indie restaurants, 3/ 3rds is not in soho nor was it crowded (we went mid-afternoon and it was ideal to shoot in). I highly recommend this place because of its unique location, atmosphere, friendly staff and fresh food! They change their menus on a weekly basis and I've heard that, if you like the furniture you're sitting on, you can buy everything on display. Since we're a week into October and back to double-digit months, Fall is finally here. Tania (from The Laughing Shooter, check out her post) and I have decided to go for the 'jumper' look since it's chilly pretty much everywhere except Hong Kong. And what's so unique about my piece from Zara? I'm a fan of clothes made out of different materials. This faux leather 'chest and shoulder protector' gives the illusion of widening my shoulders and it's also in the most practical yet comfortable colour too. Think that one of the many perks of fashion is that it can change the way people look and even feel. For those HK readers out there, I can't seem to stop thinking about how 飲食男女 we look?

Big shout-out to Christy from CHEwwSDAY who took all these pictures. Thank you!

:: Outfit details (me)::

Top - Zara

Shorts - HK

Accessories - Topman


:: Outfit details (Tania)::

Top - Finders Keepers

Skirt - American Apparel

Shoes- Korea


To be continued…#tbc