Jocelyn Yih

Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015

Jocelyn Yih

You'll get the same feeling when looking through the press images: girls that'll probably be found roaming the streets of Tokyo, a century from now. And if you've never been to Tokyo, google it. It's probably not what you'd expect from the capital of Japan. It's almost been a decade since I've been, and I've forgotten how modern it was; which is why I searched for images and that made me realise how Tokyo is sort of like the New York City of Far East.

I was attracted to how women live their lives besides special occasions
— Raf Simons in an interview after the show (

It wasn't a collection inspired by the past nor traditions. Raf Simons focused on utility. Rather than the (very much overused) 'chic' as expected in ready-to-wear, this collection was more contemporary, cool and futuristic. Simons wanted the clothes to be worn 'outdoors' which, in fashion language, I would interpret as on the streets. From the doll-eye-eyeliner makeup to sequined turtlenecks, it's not a collection for everyone. But since when was Dior made for everyone. The half-sneaker-half-stiletto that was featured last year in the AW14 shows, adorned by some and loathed by others. It's clearly more towards the former as the same style has returned to the catwalk for this season in a more adventurous, knee-high length.

Why Tokyo? Simons took interest in the liberty of fashion. The metropolitan city is not a city of one style. In fact, Tokyo is a city that sets trends. It is Dior's first fashion show in Japan but not the first in Asia, following the SS14 Haute Couture show in Hong Kong exactly a year ago. Luxury fashion brands have been on the move to show their collections in unique locations e.g Dior Cruise show in Brooklyn, Chanel Cruise show in Dubai and, more recently, Chanel Metier D'Art in Salzburg. The show was set in the Ryogkoku Kokugikan sumo stadium, followed by a celebratory after-party.  

It's unexpected. It's very Dior. 

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To be continued…#tbc