Jocelyn Yih

Dirty Polaroids

Jocelyn Yih

There's something about spending HKD$10 (£0.82) per polaroid because they don't lie: no airbrushing, no editing contrast nor brightness. It's the purity that counts. So much that the accidentally exposed polaroids even matched my shirt.

Currently in the mood for avant-garde (which happens approximately once every fortnight) and, thanks to the existence of the great internet, I've stumbled onto Kendall Jenner's Girl On Film for Dazed Magazine and woman with Swavorski prosthetic leg on Upworthy; which made me rethink what exactly is the definition of beauty? Before declaring I've had too much internet for the day, I also watched (and loved) the Esprit Dior Tokyo 2015 show last week which I will do a review on soon. But for now, listen to this while you have a look at my pictures and maybe watch the video too.

(Polaroids taken from 'Asylum', my feature on Huf Magazine, shot by Christy from CHEwwSDAY

To be continued…#tbc