Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

I'll never complain about how the sun shines in +852 (aka Hong Kong). After a 3 month long Summer, I've finally returned to motherland +44 for uni (aka UK, let's try to get used to country codes). Now that September has came to an end, let's wake up. I'm finally starting to feel the excitement of going back to layering with thick knits, beanies and going back to my comfortable all-black ensemble. Mixing black and white was the way to do it over Summer; only because wearing black top to bottom is close enough to be a form of suicide (human torch?). Here is the first batch of my short shoot with Bryant from bryantlives and the first thing he asked me was, "are you trying to go for the 'I just came out the gym look'?". And I guess that's true since I wore my trusty nike socks on and was looking half-hobo whilst carrying my other outfits in an Adidas sports bag. Until humidity backs off, gym clothes really wouldn't be a bad idea comfort wise. It's funny how people go an extra step at photoshoots. Have I ever thought about lying flat on my back on a public street? No. What about sitting stair rails? Definitely not. And these 'looking-to-nowhere' pictures make me miss my hometown a lot; Hope that everyone stays safe and my prayers are with you.

:: Outfit details ::

Top - HK

Shorts - HK

Shoes & Socks- Nike

Accessories - Topman


To be continued…#tbc