Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

I've been living in this coat over the past two months. Here are a few snaps, taken by my friend Jose on the morning after my 13 hour flight from Hong Kong, of my Topman total look I wore for the Topman Design show back in January. This month and a bit has flown by. Winter is nearly gone and Spring is here (sort of, meteorologically). It's been a bitingly cold Winter where I've learnt that nothing wraps up warm like a nice thick wool coat, and that after Vancouver and London chills, Hong Kong winters are feeble. I've spent the beginning of this month catching up on outdated magazine subscriptions, ready-to-wear shows, KPOP and I just had my first large Domino's of the year all to myself. I'm still very hungry.

There's also a few things Topman does well. In fact, more than a few. Coats and blazers aside, I've been wearing these 'stand collar' shirts for two reasons: to avoid wearing a tie (at all circumstances) and to look formal without wearing a tie. It's such a simple way to add a touch of style, while avoiding distraction from too many collars. There's been periods of sunshine here and there (no, I'm not English yet) and a few signs are telling me Spring is here. I'm also looking forward to returning home to Hong Kong at the end of the month to appreciate Spring, as I know it. 

:: Outfit details (me)::

Coat - Topman

Blazer - Topman

Shirt - Topman

Shoes - Topman

Sunglasses - Spitfire


To be continued…#tbc