Galeries Lafayette Personal Shopping #2 Parisian

Galeries Lafayette Personal Shopping #2 Parisian

I left my second and final look from my personal shopping experience with Galeries Lafayette to the hands of my personal shopper (PS) with the determination to figure out what the Parisian look was and what it took to put together. After running through several style icons, according to my PS, 'Parisian women are always suggesting, and never showing.' When we think of a Parisian woman, we'd most probably relate back to Coco Chanel. A Parsian woman being an elegant lady who dresses smartly. Then there's the other Parisian woman - effortless and extremely cool. Caroline de Maigret. There's never too much sexual signals nor sultriness.  

For the Parisian men, it's very tailored. I was introduced to a brand called Les Prairies de Paris. My PS picked out a khaki jacket, layered the look with a discrete patterned jumper and clean white jeans. Paris is a city where there's more rain than sunshine. And so for the accessories, my PS has chosen a pair of tough, black, patent leather combat boots and a briefcase that has a discrete message (EYE-hope-2-C-U). 

It's not the first look I would put together, but you can see what the PSs do here and what they're capable of. It's as powerful as you make it - meaning you can totally re-create your style by buying a totally new wardrobe or simply have some help to select a few key pieces from a collection. You, as the client, are in control. I think the whole process takes an element of trust (to your PS) and an amount of motivation; because the first step of revamping your closet is really just to hand yourself over and take time to learn more about what your own style is. It's a very personal thing. But when it's done right, or at least correct in your own way, you'd feel much more comfortable.

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Les Prairies de Paris top-to-bottom


To be continued…#tbc