Jocelyn Yih

London Rooftops

Jocelyn Yih
London Rooftops

There's London as in classic, old, Victorian architecture London.

There's also the City skyline in London which not only is at the heart of the city but also the hub for major financial companies.

And it may come as a surprise to some, if not many, it's hard to find a place high up above the streets of London and get panoramic views. After an intense round searching, I found The View From The Shard (charges, scrap that), a couple of bars and Sky Garden. And what's unique about Sky Garden, other than its 360-degree views perched up high in the heart of Bank, it's free. So naturally, I had to go to prove that some things in life do come free... Though the concept of the Sky Garden is that it's no fancy bar nor a ticketed attraction; it's more of a public garden but visiting is limited and can only booked through their website (link below). 

Owning the title of the highest public garden in London, you can even find flowers from the Mediterranean and South Africa. As pleasant as one might make of it, the clash between nature and modern isn't for everyone. A sense of unease can be felt if you are the type to shy away from the word 'city' or 'bank' (I've clearly had people tease about whether one would want to 'go to university and get a "sad" job at bank?'). This area and Canary Wharf can be bit too leather briefcase and 'I-should-be-in-a-suit-with-hair-slicked-back' though its futuristic modernness brings a sense of safety - the world is, after all, ever-evolving. 

The outfit illustrates that part of modernness; from the scuba fabric in the trousers and the boxiness of the burgundy shirt. There's no ignoring the old nor the new when it comes to fashion. It's the balance of the two that keeps the industry going. From the old methods of tailoring to the modern techniques that is embraced nowadays. A pair of trousers will be trousers, and a shirt a top. The point of fashion isn't to differentiate people. It's about introducing creativity and expressing them in a form of garment. Just because one can't be buy what they want, doesn't mean they can't take a peek into what is in the industry. Read about it. Admire more. Fashion, like the modern districts of London, may not be for everyone and can only be appreciated by a certain few. But after all the critiques and hard work, isn't it just all about having fun?  

For more information, visit Sky Garden's website.

Tops - Acne Studios (red)/ Topman (black)/ h&m (white)

Trousers - Acne Studios

Shoes - Marni

Sunglasses - Spitfire


To be continued... #tbc