Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

New talent comes with fresh energy. A euphoria of enthusiasm.

Of which, I have to admit has somewhat been on excess this month from the moment I left home soil in September. But, trust, I've managed to settle back to British soil to recollect the previous manic month of travelling (often faster than my legs can physically handle), backward-facing train editing and can now officially call my new commercial law textbook as my new buddy.

One of the many reasons of my October quietness is because I have been working on a project with @BaanBag , with more to follow in the coming months. Though on one of the many scorching Hong Kong Summer days,  I’ve managed to meet Fritz and it sparked myself to write about the subject of passion.

Passion in short is an outburst of strong emotion, though when extended could resonate something more in the long run - an intense desire, a hard-working ethic or an ultimate career goal. The word has somehow found itself churned down to all states of perplexity, not only in Hong Kong, but also major cities that pride itself in being major financial hubs.

The word has certainly found itself in deterioration, least in the sense that mentally overtime, we have subjected

ourselves to settle for profit-driven paths. And in so doing, subconsciously damaging our credibility for efficiency's sake, fooling ourselves with the belief that success can only entail extravagant lifestyles and often trading in our sole backbone meaning of purpose, with high figures. What was originally an educational ladder towards success has rather become an amusing circus fight for survival, amongst an ever-growing competition.

That indeed, real passion, whatever the size or form, can be subject to abuse where certain environments, however great its accessibility and endorsement, may not be compatible with cultivating one's interest.

Which is why when you meet a person with genuine passion, you will realise it - in the way they talk, or in their personality, or general work ethic.

On this occasion, everything felt right. Fritz was constantly giving suggestions throughout the feverish hour and so naturally there was persistent, effective communication. And so up until today, I continue to stand that our generation of youth does not live simply live to watch the days go pass.

No fabricated minds. 

Best of luck, Fritz. They'll see it in your eyes. 




MODEL // Fritz Nispel