It's been 2 years and 2 days down the line and I've been thinking a lot about what the actual heck it's all about - a question I've been asked more than I could even think about.

Change is inevitable - as evident in the changing of the season, in terms of anything everything from when the sun rises every day to the release of a fashion collection. It's something, I'll admit, that I've feared of since I was young. We all somewhat want to go back to a place where we are familiar of, do the things we love and be with the right people. 

Though three weeks ago today, I felt the need to give a refresh to the site. I've kept the layout since launching the site and have grown a bit weary about the space. As a blogger, there's an entrepreneurial aspect to it. And as entrepreneurs, the moment you stop thinking is the moment you give up on your title. 

The man said so himself: 'the definition of crazy is trying to do the same thing and expecting a different result'. 



More recently then ever, I felt more and more like an outsider in the industry. I'm a blogger which is often taken as an antonym to the word 'professional'. I can't label myself solely as a journalist, nor a photographer, and definitely not a model. It's difficult to pin-point what exactly it is I do and I don't have a shiny degree in an art school to back it all up.

The above paragraph is all old information though, to some degree or another. It's easy to get lost within the overwhelming crushing of another's opinion or when you're not following the traditional path of things. Yet in this modern time of day, it's lazy not to take a step forward when so much is available at your hands. I wanted a space to create and communicate - to empower myself with knowledge that goes beyond the superficial 'that brand is so off-season' or 'you're so not [brand]'.

So to sum it all up, don't be easily defined because you are no less knowledgable just because you are without an art degree or no less fashionable just because you don't have an infinite budget.

I hope that, by now, you'd have noticed that this is not a space to flaunt my 'total looks' nor do I have the time to fabricate an image that isn't myself.

And as I always say, only time will tell. 

To be continued... #tbc