Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

I've always thought working in fashion requires some degree of sanity. 

Working amongst an industry of powerful creatives naturally comes with its restlessly judgemental, insensitively sensitive minds. It's hard to divide a job into what is coincidentally a cocktail of personal, social and work life. 

One heck of an emotional rollercoaster, as they say.

That being said, there's also a rich blend of unnecessary politics, pointless drama, and ditzy dimbos, some of which you eventually have to encounter. That is somewhat apparent in every industry as we live in a society that is obsessive with criticism that goes beyond a constructive level and hate that does nobody any good. As a result, I do sometimes wonder why I still hang around.

This was a fine example of why I do. Our team clicked through six looks in a mere three hours, including hair and make-up. 

Making all the moments of sprinting on the street (with a black corset in hand), the melting in high-thirties (with sunscreen dripping down my eyes), and all the uncomfortable stares, acceptable. All for the sake of pushing forward the creativity we believed in. 

It doesn't take much to develop a passion, but to execute it and put it on display is another thing.

Irisa is a model. There simply is no doubt to that. She stands firm at 5'10 and her frame carries a certain charisma in the way she walks. Not a single complaint was heard throughout the entire afternoon, even when the photo shoot was unintentionally appointed on what is most definitely, astronomically, the hottest day of the year. She is a grounded, down to earth professional, complete with a bubbly personality.

Second to that, Irisa embodied the Loewe woman. She came prepared, researched, and ready with sophistication, wit and humour. And as a result, everything really came circle full circle.

Onwards and upwards from here.

Pleasure to have you, Irisa.











clothing & accessories - 

loewe Autumn/winter 2016