In the Pursuit of Dreams

In the Pursuit of Dreams

A short escape from reality (stuffing heat and peak humidity of Hong Kong) to discover how the maison extends its theme from its previous Spring Summer season.

The concept of fantasy is first approached by downsizing - the mini-Lindy, the Kelly bag charms which are nano-sized and occupy the first sights at the entrance (initially mistaken by me to be a Christmas tree charm, use as you will). The fantasy? Materials and method of manufacture replicated exactly that of the Kelly bag. Not a single detail was left out in the making.

Part of the concept includes abstract themes, like the rectangular and circular shapes that are found in the occasional decoration boxes, table lights and wool blankets. The Equus throw which, for the first time, was decorated with sequins and unarranged quadrilateral shapes.

Then, wildlife - the leopard, serpent, zebra, raccoon that beckon Madagascar wildlife? And the notion of flight (the first answer to the wishes of many) - motifs of wings and dragons. Mythical creatures that appear on both jewellery as silver charms, neck scarves and ties. The hidden details from the horseshoes base of the suede boots and tongue of the (water resistant!) wool caps also make up the concept. What else could be discovered? The subtleness in the detail is as equally fascinating.

Most importantly, the way the event was set out was as if an art gallery show. The secret section hidden at the back displayed fine jewellery, with blue croc leather double-dial watch to a double equus-headed bracelet - was enough and more as a taster to dream, according to Hermès.