Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

A much overdue post from my first tripod photoshoot which took much longer to shoot than I anticipated. Started off with a pair of nikes initially then changed my mind, the sun set, and I changed to a pair of white hi-tops. Hereby featuring a mixture of jumping, sweating, and an abusage of flash. Just for reference, no, I didn't use my iPhone as a prop; I was desperately phoning up 3 to change it from white to black (long story short, I got it). The result is a set of vignette photos that I converted into gifs just so I can prove that I can still move. I've been relatively inactive in October - blame it on law school and a very difficult decision: choosing whether to spend my monthly budget on a gym membership or backpacks… and I chose backpacks. I'm also saving up for a skateboard. If anyone has any tips on anything, lemme know before a series of unfortunate events occur. The tee is actually from a place called Empty Canvas at The ONE in Hong Kong. They claim to be a 'pop up store' but Empty Canvas is actually a shop in the mall that features streetwear brands; they feature a brand by using the exact decor as a normal store would (I originally thought HUF opened in Hong Kong) and they change the brand every month or two . HUF was featured over Summer and they are currently doing Black Scale (the darker, San Francisco brother of HUF). It's a great concept store so check it out if you're in that area.

Also I just ran 5km. Point proven.

WARNING: If you are a photosensitive epileptic or bothered by gifs, please beware of the gifs below. Viewers beware.

:: Outfit details ::

Top - HUF

Shorts - HK

Shoes - Nike/ Converse

Accessories - Marshall headphones/ Asos backpack (similar here)


To be continued…#tbc