Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

The last set of photos you'll see of me confessing my love to this collection. H&M designer collaborations always sell out within minutes and, if you look at the links down below, it's no surprise that everything is… gone. Jumping and running around was the only way to survive in 5 degrees celsius. A vest? Virtually crying for an invitation for hypothermia (so if I look anything like a vampire, you know why). But that doesn't matter because I'm all for Team Wang. A big thank you to h&m for inviting me to the launch party because, without going, I don't think I would've been lucky enough to get my hands on these practical items. The mesh sections of both tops are a highlight and add a great edge. Comfy, breathable materials are all I can ask for. I'll be exercising more often. 

Click here if you haven't seen my previous post on the collection. 

:: Outfit details ::

Top - AlexanderWangxHM

Joggers - BOY

Shoes - Nike

Boxing Gloves - AlexanderWangxHM


To be continued…#tbc