Jocelyn Yih

Sport Chic

Jocelyn Yih

The idea that one has to be sporty to wear sportswear is long gone. We do sports. I run and Tania goes to the gym. I'm starting to realize the importance of wearing non-seasonal/non-branded clothing, mostly as a result of fear that people will begin to realize that I have been wearing the same top for several days. Brands like NEIGHBORHOOD may not be everyone's go-to-brand, but there are certain things that will never go out of style. This leather snapback, for example, I bought around a year back which I will continue to wear until I lose it? (picturing myself as Beckham and baby Brooklyn)

Sport chic is designed to be comfy enough for everyday wear but it isn't meant to be worn everyday. I never believed in the statement that one could dress bad. Is it possible to dress for the wrong occasion? Yes. But what you choose to wear is a matter of taste. In other words, it's not about how 'well' you dress; it's about dressing for the right occasion. Is it acceptable to wear a suit to lectures? Maybe. More than once? Meh. If it's your birthday? Do what you want. But you definitely won't see me sitting through 2 hour lectures in a suit.

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:: Outfit details (me)::

Top - Topman


Shoes - Nike

Snapback - Topman 


:: Outfit details (Tania)::

Top - Adidas

Skirt - American Apparel

Shoes - Korea


To be continued…#tbc