Rynshu 2015 S/S Paris Collection

Rynshu 2015 S/S Paris Collection

After the Dior show, I decided to take a break and have a snack at one of my favourite places in Paris: Ladurée. 

Trying the rose milkshake and pistachio religieuse

Happy faces outside Ladurée even in the rain

The next day, I visited Notre Dame in the morning and had lunch at the well-known Cafe de Flore.

The famous 'Chocolat Spécial Flore'

Weird stares at Notre Dame

On the way to the RYNSHU show

Front row at the show

Outside the Palais de Tokyo

The first keyword to the collection is 'Happy Mind'. Rynshu emphasized that he wanted to keep the style simple. He wanted to keep the collection fresh and light and avoided tiny details like collars, notched lapels and slit sleeve opening. 

Collarless jacket with leather lapels

Striped suit matched with mesh t-shirt

Patterned suits with the signature Rynshu logo

The colours on this shirt were incredible. I loved the way the colours diffused into each other. A definite highlight of the show would be the ripped jeans that were ripped both in the front and back!

Unique colours on both male and female models

All white ensemble

Another trend this Summer is coloured sunglasses. It all began with Ray Ban's 'Aviator Flash Lenses' and, if you haven't seen them around yet, you will most definitely see them in Summer.

Short tailored shorts paired with black mid calf boots and black knee socks

Black military-style boots

Studded boots with white knee socks

As suggested on the cover of the invitation, Rynshu took inspiration from the Maldvies islands. He loved the idea of luxurious holidays and made this eye-catching print.

The 'Maldives collage' print on shirt

The 'Maldives collage' print on dress

The 'Maldives collage' print on jacket

The 'Maldives collage' print on suit

Mesh tops paired with the 'Maldives collage' print on shorts and trousers

Another keyword of the collection is transparency. Mesh tops kept appearing and this made the 'Maldives collage' print pop out even more. I think the shorts on the left are perfect for Summer!  

Tough boots with contrasting red midsoles

Black and white unisex boots

'Happy mind', as described by Rynshu, was a period of time when barrier between genders is obsolete and evolution in fashion let men wear women clothes and women to adopt men items.

Close-up of the 'Maldives collage' print


The show was a success and, since I only had a day in Paris last week, I wasn't able to visit the store. But I will definitely have a look next week.


Japanese fans

Photo credits to Noémie Lagier who caught me snapping away on my SLR (second from left)

Street style outside the shows: all black

Street style outside the shows: trainers

Street style outside the shows: Supreme

Eiffel Tower

I think both Paris and the Eiffel Tower has seen better days. Nevertheless, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to take a quick picture before I go back to London! And I can't wait to return tomorrow for the Haute Couture shows. 

#theboldconcept has made it to Paris

Try spotting me taking pictures and wearing a gold casio watch on the right hand-side of the runway.

#Selfie of the week

:: Outfit details ::

Top - Zara

Blazer - Tailor Made 

Trousers - Zara

Shoes - Paul Smith (similar here)

Sunglasses - Spitfire

Document Wallet - MCM


Stay tuned...#tbc