Dior Homme Été 2015

Dior Homme Été 2015

Hey everyone! I just returned from my grad trip which lasted for a week and I visited two places: Paris and Ibiza.

The invitation 'Dried Roses' (Left) and the card (Right) placed on my seat

I was only in Paris for a day and was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Dior Homme Été 2015 show. Kris Van Asshe, the Creative Director of Dior Homme, drew inspiration from a handwritten script written by Christian Dior himself in the 1950s.

The back of the card

Traditions have to be maintained so they can be passed on to future generations. In troubled times like ours, we must maintain these traditions which are our luxury and the flower of our civilization.
— Christian Dior

Front row at the show

It's my first season in Paris and the show left me speechless. I've met people from all over the world and was surprised by how many sectors there are in the industry. I've also learnt tips from photographers from Taiwan, spoke to social media correspondents and even journalists from several magazine companies. (By the way, please excuse my tired face. I travelled all night from Ibiza to Paris via London, didn't sleep the night before and only arrived in Paris 2 hours before the show.)

Everyone got their cameras out when Karl Lagerfeld walked in

Front Row (from left to right): Miguel Angel Munoz (actor), Vic Chou ( 周渝民) , Prince Pelayo ( blogger ), Karl Lagerfeld

Front Row (from left to right): Miguel Angel Munoz (actor), Vic Chou (周渝民), Prince Pelayo (blogger), Karl Lagerfeld

The show kicked off with formal tailoring. Cropped jackets and tapered trousers were seen in the signature Dior Navy, complemented with striped sweaters in plain colours and t-shirts in bold colours.

All-over printed suit

The collection progressively transformed into a nautical theme. The blue denim suit (as pictured below) definitely stood out from the rest of the collection. It's so unusual and unexpected that, originally, I thought it was a pastel blue suit. At first it looked very striking but it is definitely a eye-catching addition to the collection.

Icy-cool Blue Denim Suit

Icy-cool Blue Denim Suit

For the less formal looks, the jeans are folded to reveal the ankles and white socks. Another trend that keeps reoccurring on the runway are white trainers (hence I am guilty of owning several pairs). What do you all think about this trend? 

White Three Strap Trainers

Abstract scribble print is a key in the Été 2015 collection

Abstract scribble print is a key in the Été 2015 collection

Simple colours were layered with loud graphic prints. I really appreciate how Dior carefully put the collection together in a way that even adventurous designs can look smart. The abstract scribble print, along with the handwritten script is supposed to represent the styles of bohemian artists.

The print on the suit

The print on the bag

The graphic print appeared first on the shirts, eventually finding its way onto the suit and bags.

Bright red anorak

Several anoraks were spotted on the runway. Other than red (as pictured above), there was a yellow one too which was paired elegantly with a suit. Dior showed that these bright jackets can be formal enough to wear with a suit yet can also be dressed down for those chilly Summer evenings (definitely not in HK but perhaps in the UK?).

Navy striped jumper matched with patterned jeans

White striped jumper matched with patterned jeans

Kris Van Assche

I was very inspired by a letter written by Mr Dior in the Fifties that I found in the archive; in it he talks about how vital it is to maintain traditions. I too feel very strongly about this and the text elements in the collection are taken directly from the letter
— Kris Van Asshe

My outfit for the show

I very much agree with Mr Dior and Kris Van Asshe. Traditions and festivals play a large role in Chinese culture too and we have to maintain them in order to understand our values. They are also great opportunities for families to gather.

With the very stylish Ezra J Williams

Candice Swanepoel

Dior stripes and shadows


Taiwanese model & actor Ming Dao (明道)

Taken by the very talented London-based Taiwanese photographer Raymond T

Models Thibaud Charon (Left) & Mark Schulze (Right)

Black dress shoes from the collection

Unexpected matching with the runway

Here's the runway video on Dior's Channel on Youtube in case you haven't seen the show! Try spotting me and go on Dior's website for more pictures. Can't wait to share more pictures with you all.


#Selfies Of The Week 

WIth the models after the show (Left) and Candice Swanepoel (Right)


:: Outfit details ::

Top - Topman

Suit - Topman

Shoes - Paul Smith (similar here)

Sunglasses - Spitfire

Document Wallet - MCM


Much love...#tbc