On Aura Tout Vu FW 2014 Haute Couture

On Aura Tout Vu FW 2014 Haute Couture

L'eau est à l'origine, le flux permanent, la montée, la descente, l'énergie ...

Water is the origin, the steady stream, climb, descent, energy ...

L'eau est fluide, elle épouse les formes, elle suit son cours

Water is fluid, it follows the contours, it runs its course

L'eau est glaciale, elle heurte, forme et déforme

The water is cold, it strikes, forms and deforms

L'eau est douce, sensuelle, sage, mélancolique

The water is soft, sensual, wise, melancholic

L'eau est colérique, sanguine, irritable, enragée

Water is choleric, sanguine, irritable, mad 

L'eau est l'évolution spirituelle, transformation perpétuelle

Water is spiritual evolution, perpetual transformation

L'eau coule sur les reliefs sans accroche en quête de la sagesse épousant les difficultés de la vie pour mieux les dépasser

Water flows over the reliefs without hang in search of wisdom embracing the challenges of life beyond them

(source: on aura tout vu)

Model Teddy Quinlivan backstage before the show

H2O, otherwise known as water, was the theme of the collection. On Aura Tout Vu is a Parisian fashion house and has been based at the Palais Royal since 1998 by the Belgian duo Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov. Setting itself from the norm, the designers' inspiration comes from 'critical yet amusing observations of contemporary society'. OATV broke into the world of Haute Couture over the years and is currently an international brand (for HK friends, they stock in I.T and Lane Crawford). I arrived in good time (for once) and went backstage to take a few snaps before the shows started. 

The 'demon mermaids'

The show took place in the Jardin du Palais-Royal (their maison is right next door) in the 1st arrondissement. Before the show started, I spotted these 3 eerie mermen/mermaids who were dressed in black skin-tight crystal embellished mermen/mermaid suits at the very end of the runway. The suits were covered in these ice-looking crystals and the models had to zip the suit all the way up to the top which covered their heads completely. Must've been quite stuffy but they got the best seats!

The photographers

Model Teddy Quinlivan (front) who opened and closed the show

Customized Aigle water-proof rubber boots

The classic Aigle boot are antifatigue and extremely functional. If you haven't heard of Aigle, it is a French footwear brand that is famous for making wellington boots. For Fall/Winter 2014, Aigle collaborates with on aura tout vu to make these stylish yet durable boots. Definitely much more eye-catching than the average pair of welliess and they looked great on the runway. The boots were matched with both body-length and knee-length coats.

The programme of the show

Shimmery details on the shoulders of the coat and the belt buckle

Going in for a dive!

Cropped jackets and high-waisted trousers

This white dress (above) was my favourite from the collection. It's extremely elegant in that the dress is cut just above the knee and it is high-waisted. I really like how there is a mix of materials where the top half is covered with these ice-shaped crystals and small silver details, while the bottom half is more playful as it is slightly see-through. It's elegant yet not too formal; wearable to many occasions as it's not a lengthy gown nor a mini bodycon. The model played around with the dress really well and she definitely sold the dress to me. I was so happy when I saw this shot whilst reviewing my pictures.

Every dress was extremely well-fitted on the models. The gowns worked with the wind and made it look so attractive on the models. Perhaps the weather was acting on the plus side. I didn't expect July in Paris to be hot (Paris' Summer averages around mid-20s) because it is Europe and one simply cannot compare to the very humid South-East Asia. Both the trees and the cloudy sky, complemented by this amazing track ('Singing In The Rain (Love Baby) by Betina Bager), transformed everyone into a different world. If you are stuck in this amazingly bi-polar place called Hong Kong, then have a listen! It's basically a fun remix of the original tune and it can really cheer up a rainy day.

Aren't these shoulder details crazy? It's so crazy and wild but such a bold statement. I simply can't get over these extremely firece-looking icicles. They definitely left people talking after the show.  As a joke, I asked my sister whether she'd wear this to prom. To be fair, guys only hold girls on the waist, right? Perhaps it'd be more of a problem when photo opportunities come up… Not the most practical dress but definitely not tame. It would look incredible in photo shoots. 

The designers Yassen Samouilov and Livia Stoianova 


A little self-promoting doesn't hurt nobody. Inspired by The Blonde Salad, I made this t-shirt on the Eurostar to Paris the day before the show. I've always had a white t-shirt at the back of my closet which was taken from the plane (#opps #airplanepajamas). Anyways, REUSE & RECYCLE! Many thanks to On Aura Tout Vu for inviting me to your show and here's the video of the show if you guys want to have a look! I'll be flying off to somewhere exotic next Monday. Follow my instagram for updates and have a great weekend! 

Spotted chatting away on the front-row

Spotted chatting away on the front-row

:: Outfit details ::

Top - DIY by myself

Suit - h&m

Shoes - Kurt Geiger


Stay tuned...#tbc