Do YOU believe in the hype?

Do YOU believe in the hype?

Everything revolves around the weather. And I think that's the reason why I can never stop talking about. The current situation in Hong Kong is just weird. Waking up to dark skies, desperately trying to find the sun, and failing to do so due to the thick blanket of grey clouds. Looking back at this shoot last month makes me doubt the authenticity of the sky. How can England be so blue? One thing I'm positive about is that English weather in July is ideal to shoot in. Not to tan in but I'd happily walk around in my espadrilles which broke after some serious climbing around the castle.

And if you haven't heard about the HYPE, it all began in the Summer of 2011 by two friends in the UK. I've heard about the brand a few years ago (thanks to ASOS) and I'm amazed by how much it's grown. The t-shirts are never boring as they stock the loudest prints. I've seen the brand at several TOPMAN stores and their official London store is at BOXPARK (next to Shoreditch station). Found these white (gym) socks at the back of my wardrobe and matched them with my £6 espadrilles which brings me nostalgic memories of my childhood comic hero 老夫子. And am I the only one who when I look at a word for too long, it suddenly looks like it's spelt wrongly? (Semantic Satiation anyone?) But it hasn't happened (yet) with hype's font.

Living close to the equator comes at a cost and as much as I'd like to walk around in a linen shirt, it's simply not possible unless I dash around 7-11s and stand by their shop front every 5 minutes or so. Summer really gets quite unbearable so it's only smart to wear sun-friendly colours and prints. Go check out their site for more and check out my behind-the-scenes video on YOUTUBE. Happy weekend!

So… Do YOU believe in the hype?


:: Outfit details ::

Top - Hype

Shorts - Topman

Shoes - River Island

Sunglasses - Ray Bans


Stay tuned...#tbc