Jocelyn Yih

Saint Laurent

Jocelyn Yih
Saint Laurent

Blogging takes time. And I thought that it'd be good to brief y'all how The Bold Concept started. Fashion blogging has always been on the back of my mind but, the simplest way to put it is that, I never got around to it. I hate to blame it on school but, homework aside, there were several factors that made me hesitate about blogging. Not only did I not know how to blog (or where to start); I wasn't sure if I had my own voice and I worried about what others might think. Yes, I can smile and, yes, I can write English. But even with a passion for fashion, one simply can't decide to start a website and learn how to manage it in one day. Over the years, I overcame those factors and taught myself how to edit pictures, gather my thoughts together and I try to make travel diaries whenever I'm out n about. Truth is, there's more to it than things like learning how to pose in front of cameras and making sure that my right arm isn't hovering awkwardly in the air. 

Over the years, I got used to my Macbook Pro and started to use different softwares like Aperture and iMovie. I soon figured that I enjoyed editing and, along with my interest in clothing and taking pictures, it grew from there.

Anyways, enough of my story and more on the shoot. Isn't the set amazing? The location is the best yet and it was discovered by my friend, Suraj (who also shot all the above pictures! thank you!). Before you judge the conditions of my home, I don't live in this wreck. My school accommodation in the UK was under renovation at that time. Along with my sense of creativity and total madness, Suraj and I thought it'd be fun to take a few pictures and the result is this. There's also a story behind the jacket.

For those of you who don't know Hedi Slimane, he's the creative director of Saint Laurent. Previously the creative director of Dior Homme, Hedi is known for his 'diaries' on his website which shows that photography is clearly his passion. Since his position at Saint Laurent from 2012, he has designed many classics. The varsity jacket is from Saint Laurent's fall/winter 2013. Worn by the likes of Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, Bieber, Niall Horan and G-Dragon, there's no doubt that stars love this modern slim fit. Hedi, being quite lanky himself, is also well known for his popularization of the skinny silhouette for men. Is the jacket worth it? It doesn't come cheap but it's a classic. And classics are worth it. It's like buying a birkin from Hermès or a LV trunk. They're worth keeping and they hold their value for several years. In terms of when and where to wear, the varsity jacket is quite versatile. It's casual enough to wear to the gym yet smart enough to walk around London in. Just wear an American Apparel baseball tee, throw on a pair of black skinnies and onitsuka tigers and you're ready to go. I'd say that the fact that it's 93% virgin wool makes it 93% wearable. And being naturally curious, I had to google 'virgin wool vs wool'. The result is that virgin wool is preferred for its warmth and durability. It's stronger, thicker and more water repellent. The other 7% is polyamide so think of it as that 7% of the year when we stay at home all day.

Photo 25-5-14 3 09 02 am.jpg

:: Outfit details ::

Jacket - Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket

Tee - American Apparel

Shoes - Onitsuka Tiger


To be continued…#tbc