LC:M Outfits x Noose & Monkey

Choosing what to wear to fashion week is exciting. But being dressed to fashion week is a privilege. I was dressed by Noose & Monkey, an English brand that uses bold colours to create unique tailoring pieces, during London Collections: Men. 

'A story of mistaken identity and disguise' as described on their website. During the Napoleonic Wars, the French navy would dress their pet monkey in the officers' uniform. After being shipwrecked off Hartlepool, the monkey was found in the shores and was mistaken by the (then) Anglicans to be a Frenchman. The monkey was thought to be an enemy and was hung by a noose. Noose & Monkey wishes to explore the truth and the the lie, the innocent and the guilty, the Noose and the Monkey through their designs; mixing these two sides of the story to create tailoring that stands out from the rest. 

Forgive my repetition of the word 'bold', but it really does take some boldness to wear these prints. I was never really a fan of loud things because I was never one that would purposely seek attention (regardless of good or bad). It makes sense to think of a few simple looks ahead for fashion week and plan ahead. Mixing prints is a skill in the whole fashion week 'dress up'. But where does the line draw between looking good, alright, and somewhat of a mess? 

While I dashed my way to the Pringle of Scotland AW15 Men's show on LCM Day 3 from my University town, I wore the beautiful (and really, I mean beautiful because it felt like wearing bouquets of flowers on my torso) Noose & Monkey floral blazer with a simple white turtleneck and McQueen scarf. I overtook a group of three who were happily chatting away. And by happily, I mean quite cheerfully, even clarmorously... until I walked pass them (as they occupied the whole width of the path). I even walked off the road so that I can pass them, in the hope that they wouldn't say anything or comment on my attention-seeking jacket. But how naive was I. They fell completely silent as soon as I returned to the uphill path, followed by a few whispers. 'What was he thinking?' 'Where is he going?' I immediately felt a sense of unease (like Susie in the 'Mean Streets' of Seven Sisters, picturing the stares and fingers the jacket attracted. It took enough confidence for me to choose and walk out with that blazer, why the hate? Isn't the 'everyone should wear what they want' policy embraced by, if not most, all? 

I dare say men have it worse than women. If a man wore a pink suit and dress shoes (rather extravagant, I know), one would do double takes and gather false presumptions; but if a woman dresses in a tailored suit, she would have grasped a  'balance of masculinity and femininity'? Women get to play around with a wider accepted range of styles and it's certainly an advantage. After all, there is a greater population of this sex, but where's the gender equality when unisex stores always, ALWAYS, have the men's section either at the very back of the shop, in the basement, or even a hike all the way to the rooftop?

I'll take this opportunity to reply the group of three: 'I wanted to stand out, for all the good reasons. And where am I going? LC:M'. You can shop their clothing on asos and on their newly updated store on their website and stay tuned for the new collection. I also have the priviledge to be featured by FashionTV, so I'm sure I'm doing more good than bad. 

:: Outfit 1 details ::

Floral Blazer - Noose & Monkey

White Turtleneck - Topman 

Trousers - Zara

:: Outfit 2 details ::

Hype x Noose & Monkey Velvet  Blazer - Noose & Monkey

T-shirt - Custom Made

Jeans - Topman

Scarf - Alexander McQueen



To be continued…#tbc