B for Baldinini

There's no doubt that Baldinini is an Italian brand. The name speaks for itself. Growing from an artisan workshop, to a small family business and now an international brand that has over 150 stores around the world (Hong Kong being the second store in the Far East after Beijing).

Women have the luxury to choose from three different lines: the Gimmy Baldinini capsule, Baldinini and the Dynamic Trend; while the Uomo line mixes 'classic modern' and 'activewear'. Shoes are designed in a variety of styles from patterned wedge sneakers to slip-ons and, of course, urban and holiday heels. It's interesting to see how family-run businesses expand; Baldinini is one of those rare brands that have been fortunate enough to convert what was originally 'pure collector's' editions to a lifestyle brand. And you'll find anything from travel gear to candles to fragrances and even Swiss-Made luxury watches. 

The perfect shoe has to win you over at a glance

Comfort is key, while also maintaining the genuine Italian heritage. Since the brand has been discovered in 1910, in the Foril-Cesena provence of Italy, it would only seem right for a true Italian brand to use the materials of the finest quality: nappa and buckskin leather. The contemporary side is seen in perforation, an attempt to revamp the Italian tradition to create a more modern approach and making it more breathable for the Summer months. Chairman Gimmi Baldinini continues to lead the luxury brand, as the 3rd generation of the family, after celebrating its centenary at the end of 2010.

As for the Men's SS15 collection, artistic director Claudio Merazzi continues to express relaxation and comfort through different methods to suit different lifestyles. The Hong Kong flagship store is situated on 29 Queen's Road in Central. A lot of passers-by certainly took double-takes at the store opening which included a red-carpet and a traditional lion dance to attract good luck and fortune. The opening at Hong Kong's very prestigious Central followed previous store openings in Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris and San Marco in Venice. 


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