La Maison Champs-Elysées

La Maison Champs-Elysées

Margiela fans will happily die here.

But, of course, they won't as most would rather live here for the rest of their lives first.

Opened in 2009, La Maison Champs Elysees has become a new boutique hotel to compete against its luxury neighbours in the Golden Triangle. Originally the townhouse of Princess of Essaying, La Maison feels more like a ‘home away from home’ with an artistic edge rather than a super luxury establishment. And it prides itself that way. While Maison Martin Margiela is known for its white in walls and cotton covers, the brand is also known for its minimalistic approach and anonymity MMM took their magical element to guide the hotel in its art direction.

Situated right off the famous Avenue Montaigne, the arrondissement is known to be the epicentre of luxury and fashion in Paris. With a five-star marked at the front of the building, architect Danièle Damon has transformed the building. Painting the rich history behind the hotel, where heirs of Princess of Croye Solre has sold the townhouse to the Maison des Centraux. Tucked away inside the quiet, tongue-twisting Rue Jean Goujon, there were originally 40 existing guest rooms; adding on 17 more guestrooms/ suites designed by Maison Martin Margiela after the renovation with a restaurant, bar and private garden. 

It could be said that the hotel was built under three rules: irony, illusion and respect. The irony plays in small details: traditional Persian rugs that are cleverly woven into the carpets. There are traditional 19th-century mouldings and French-style paving which are not exactly in their correct place. Illusion continues in the furniture; chairs and tables at the restaurant are suspended centimetres above the floor. La Maison respects in a way as historic features are not hidden, but enhanced to bring about comfort and safety.

La Maison prides itself for being a prestigious boutique hotel, rather than a traditional luxury hotel. Too often luxury is defined as an accumulation of costly needless services to prove the status to those who can afford it; however the hotel's 5-star status is maintained by delivering its perceived quality with a generosity of materials and attitudes. Bathrobes are made of the finest quality terrycloth, in the style of Margiela. Bedding is of Vosges linen. 

For some businesses, key to survival is change. As for hotels, that's difficult because no hotel would go undergo a complete renovation every month. Even though most rooms in hotels are similar, the suites vary. La Maison has several suites from the Couture Collection: Lost Mouldings, Gilded Lounge, White Cover and Curiosity Case. The first three types are decorated with white cotton covers aplenty, while the Curiosity Case sells itself as a carbon cube with black walls. All rooms and suites promote one thing: reality that blends with surreal style.  

To be continued... #tbc