Jocelyn Yih

The Dior Sunglasses Language - Technologic/ So Real/ Composit/ Abstract

Jocelyn Yih
The Dior Sunglasses Language - Technologic/ So Real/ Composit/ Abstract

Dior's sunglasses game has changed in recent years. I don't have a specific timeline map nor a press release to follow - but I do (and have kept) my eye out for their eyewear, especially sunglasses. It should be no surprise that in recent years, a lot has changed. When I was younger, I would recognise Dior shades as the black, oversized  'Dior Lady Lady' without its distinct colours nor sculpted motifs. I had a vivid memory of recognising Dior shades as a pair of black,designer with a logo, and just that. All of which I've discovered that it was down to who is the creative director. Raf Simons transformed how people recognised the Dior sunglasses by adding his Belgium avant-garde touch. And I'm appropriately listening to  Basenji's 'Petals' as I brainstorm as to when sunglasses first came onto the Dior runway - 'when did it become "so real"?'

It probably took years to develop - but it was in Simons' vision; no doubt the fashion house knows eyewear is a market (it's a good market, see my previous post on Acne Studios, end). So popular are their eyewear now, I've found myself shopping, with female counterparts, and browsing on multiple occassions (the shopkeeper insisted they were unisex, they are). And every time, I tell my friend, 'clever. They definitely went through a lot to make sure each woman, no matter what face shape, has a pair that looks good on em'. Fans of Dior would no doubt understand the eyewear language e.g. 'so real', 'technologic' and the latest addition - the dior abstracts.

Ever since I've seen this pair of 'Dior Composit 1.0' sunglasses from the Dior Homme Été 2015 I'm wearing in the below photos, I couldn't help myself from marvelling at other shapes. What was originally a pair of sunglasses from the runway has now found its way to magazines; so rare would you be able to find a pair of composits last year, I couldn't help but count every time I saw a person wearing them during fashion month. The answer? I lost count.

So what exactly makes these sunglasses Dior except for the fact you can say 'silently gasp, stare and avoid the itch of telling them 'I have the same thing'. It's the shape. And that's what goes into the price, along with the quality and branding. The Dior Composit 1.0 I am wearing is thin - ultra-thin. The designs have elevated from the aviators; it's on a different level. A completely different direction to its previous years. Irregularity and unusualness do not often agree with people's standards. But this gap between Dior's classic elegance and modern has intersected in recent years and embraced by many. The Dior Composit has now developed to 1.1 - an evolution of a new iconic piece.

All photos taken by Jannah Velma Noir

: Outfit details ::

Top - Zara/ HK

Trousers - Sandro

Shoes - Giuseppe Zanotti

*See Tania's post for her outfit details


To be continued... #tbc