Jocelyn Yih


Jocelyn Yih

I very much owe this post to the many who have repeatedly questioned my blog, but more specifically 'what is the purpose?' And much like my fellow graduates-to-be who, too, are rapidly coming to terms with the fact that we are now in finals season (hence the few social media posts that have been dancing around subjects such as 'May hibernation', library conundrums and comfort food*); they, too, are yet to be ready for the mighty, big, bad world.


Rather than going on a red herring, at no lesser scale as in the over-glorification of careers opportunities within oversaturated job markets, it is equally questionable whether a creative should have regard to how others may recognise one's work, from an outsiders point of view. It's too easy to glide through the benefits of a capitalist system without paying any attention to education and philanthropy - how easy is it to be consumed by an industry with an annual $1.5 trillion turnover.


The justification does not simply end there. Should pure enjoyment be the choice of many, with burning and courageous desire to choose creativity as a life-long career, then so be it. Bless those who are fortunate enough to brave through it. But it would be ironic to equate the same success to means of currency or prestigious titles. And if anything it'd be more of a misdemeanour, least to those lesser of passionates.


And so, back to the beginning question of the post in response to those who have repeatedly questioned about the very purpose of the making of The Bold Concept, I cannot simply put the answer in a few select words. There is no one word answer or outline. But should you ask, it's really the continuous, unfiltered first-hand experience, freedom of expression, and creativity, served raw.


Even though I am rarely in the position to give sneak previews of what's to come, videography has been a developing interest since my early days of travel documentation. And even though 'PARIS IN SPRINGTIME' does not even come close to the conventional vlog on top places to visit, I thoroughly recommend visiting The Peninsula for breakfastor afternoon tea. For the price is not solely for the experience itself, but also for documenting for future purposes of temporary stress relief.


Now back to my coursework on surrogacy. Over and out.


*Behold, wagon wheels were involved on Instagram stories.

Photography, Words & Video by Jocelyn Yih