Jocelyn Yih

Jocelyn Yih

For someone who regards the horoscopes section on the last news page corner as light comedy, nothing quite compares to the way people react to Astrology, especially if you're a Virgo.

Only because legend has it we are the troubled perfectionists.


Even though the maiden herself has spelt our personality traits into a rhyme of shyness and naivety, the Zodiac should really be left alone; either for those who have completed the Sudoku on the previous page or have a spare minute, or more.

Though it's really much more amusing to have amateur astronomers dictate your character, love life and mutual compatibility, all from a few seconds of browsing the internet for a daily reading and highly rated paragraphs. 

Analytical? Sure. Kind? They've got that right. Shy, worry and overly critical? Skip that site.

I call for the Barnum effect.

And I'll admit it - I've been so caught up with exam relief that I've only come to realise that we are, right now, already in the real meaty heart of Summer and I have spent more time seeing than recollecting over the past month. (with some time spent with the guys over at Noctis Mag here and there)

As with every checkpoint, I've come to kind of a reassessment halt; only to realise that for more than I have consciously remembered, I have spent the past year smacking the keyboard away on themes regarding millennials and, aggressively (though no less sincerely), speaking about passion, passion and passion; something that I have been blinded, if not then most certainly deafen, by the over exposure to digital media and the masses who have somewhat forced us into being overly criticising creatures, rather than to simply take things as they are.

A topic that I've always felt naturally comfortable about writing on this space is anything that relates back to my generation, especially since the start of the year. Though now more than ever, I feel that although the world advancing by the flashing millisecond, we've been blinded; not only by technology and overexposed emotions, but by the heated critical debates of society's problems within.

In moments of questionable uncertainty, I present you with this very post of abstract motions, which dance loosely around subjects of time, pressure and emotional insensitivity.

With l-o-v-e being the strongest emotional fuel, I shall remain to conclude with the very fact that it's much more convincing to have protagonists advocate for education and equality rather than shame people into the double standards within. 

But you know, as always, hang in there. Come through.

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Photography & Words by Jocelyn Yih