Petit H at Hermès Hong Kong

If you ever thought extra fabric and materials from Hermes are discarded as waste, then think again. Upcycling in the Maison has been recognised by ex-artistic Director, Pascale Mussard, who encouraged the house’s craftsmen tradition to create exceptional objects. 

In today’s workshop session, we designed notebooks with scrap raw materials which were then cut into the iconic shapes and items, like the Samarcande horse and the Losange scarves. Eager fans will also recognise that I cornered off the edges in my notebook design with raw materials, like leather and silk, similar to the pattern in the Quatre Coins Scarf

The best part of the travelling exhibition? Save the giant pink elephant pouf, items created by artists are available at a fraction of the normal retail price and are made to be much more functional with just the same amount of thoughtfulness in the design process. The exhibition runs until December 9 and is available to the public. Get your Christmas shopping done... 🎁🎅

As a compulsive hoarder myself (who coincidentally turned out to clear out my room today, and yet still managed to find a chalk art poster from prep school?), Petit H inspires to reinvent. Through metamorphosis, the process combines history, craftsmanship and memories to create limited-edition creations.

The tale of Petit H will commence its Asia tour in 2019, spellbinding Chengdu from 25th April to 19th May 2019.